Cinque Ports; the DVD

DVD-Sales2Eminent historian and television presenter, Dr David Starkey, tells the story of the Cinque Ports from the origins of this unique organisation, nearly 1000 years ago, to the present day. The DVD has been professionally produced by Peter Williams TV and is supplied in an attractive ‘library’ case with a full-colour, printed sleeve.

The DVD is £12.99 including UK delivery.
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UK orders

Non UK orders
If you are outside the UK, please order below:

Orders for Europe
The DVD is £15.99 including  delivery in Europe.
The DVD is ‘multi-region’ and in  PAL format.

Europe orders

Orders for the Rest of the World
The DVD is £18.99 including  for delivery to the Rest of the World.
The DVD is ‘multi-region’ and in  PAL format.

Rest of the World orders

This is the full version which runs for approximately 45 minutes.
A shorter, edited version has been distributed for use in local schools.