The Confederation of the Cinque Ports agreed on the 20 November 2019 to adopt the following Resolution:

“The Confederation of the Cinque Ports recognises that we are facing a climate and ecological emergency and urges all members, the Ports, Ancient Towns and Limbs, now to commit resources and align policies to address this, setting a target date of carbon neutrality from their activities an monitoring progress annually”

Over the last couple of years the Confederation approved the continued use of ‘virtual meetings’ which were initially used during the Covid pandemic. This enables quicker decision making but environmentally no-one has had to use transport to attend.

Last year’s Speaker Councillor Jim Martin at Hythe wrote a paper on Climate Change  and the Joint Solicitors also provided a report on how we have changed administrative procedures to be ‘greener’ for example sending reports electronically and not printing them in readiness for the Confederation’s meetings which we used to do.

The item of the Environment will be included on the Confederation’s agenda every year. We will continue to debate and discuss best practice to ensure that we raise and maintain awareness.