The following Gallery contains photographs taken at a variety of ceremonial events involving the Lord Warden and/or the Confederation of the Cinque Ports. Subject to the consent of the copyright owner, copies of the photographs may be transferred, on request, to those depicted in the photographs and others with a legitimate interest in the event. If your image appears in the Gallery and you would like it to be removed or if you object to it being shared with others, as mentioned above, please contact and the necessary action will be taken.

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Lord Warden’s Installation 2005

Photographs courtesy of 2 (SE) Brigade

Deputy Constable Induction 2008

Photographs courtesy of 2 (SE) Brigade

Induction of Lord Warden’s Cadets

Photographs courtesy of Ian Russell

Speaker’s Day 2006

Photographs courtesy of Pixels Photo Studio

Speaker’s Day 2009

Speaker’s Day 2012

Photographs courtesy of Melvyn Pett

Speaker’s Day 2013

Photographs courtesy of Pixels Photo Studio




Walmer Aerodrome Centenary 2017

Photographs courtesy of Marguerite Beard-Gould