Registrar and Seneschal

Appointments to this office are also made by the Lord Warden. The traditional title refers to the fact that this official was Registrar of the Admiralty Court of the Cinque Ports, when it was in regular session. Seneschal is an old Norman French title for a High Steward, responsible for administering the estate and affairs of a feudal lord.

Clerk of Dover Castle

registrar The formal appointment also includes the role of Clerk of Dover Castle and the office-holder traditionally supervised the administration of the Castle and the Lord Warden’s courts in the town. To this day, the Clerk takes part in the formal Induction of new Deputy Constables of Dover Castle.

Honorary Position

For many years now, the office of Registrar and Seneschal has been a purely honorary position, usually held by the town clerk of one of the Cinque Port towns. Since 2005, the position has been held by Ian Russell MVO MA MSocSc, formerly Director of Central Services and Solicitor to Hastings Borough Council. He previously served as Joint Solicitor to the Confederation from 1991 to 2020.

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